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As a graphic design studio, we are always interested in brightening up the world by bringing attractive designs into everyday life. Because we like to wear T-shirts and hoodies ourselves, we tought it a nice idea to start a sort of casual wear line with our designs. The garments we make is therefore clothing that we like to wear ourselves, and we hope others may enjoy it as well.


Celtic Line Our range of Celtic T-shirts and hoodies is our first line. The artwork of the Celts is something that has always fascinated us, and so we came up with a Celtic Art inspired line of T-shirts and hoodies with eight different designs in distinctive colours. We experimented with a number of Celtic designs before we decided on our choice, and we chose these basic designs because we like the fact that they are very recognizable though unique.


For those who look closely at the poster, our Odin's Horn design is obviously not Celtic but Norse mythology. We are working on a new line of designs, inspired by the different mythologies all over the world, and this Odin's Horn is our first try-out.



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The t-shirts and hoodies are on sale in our studio in Kelso and on various markets we do around the country. Please follow us on facebook for details about our roamings.


In addition, it is possible to order our products by sending us an e-mail. Please note that we charge for P&P using the tariffs of the Royal Mail for weight and volume for the products we send out.


We use quality garments from Fruit of the Loom and high quality prints for our range to ensure a durable product that will last you long.


T-shirts: £15 | Hoodies: £25


Washing instructions:
please wash our t-shirts and hoodies on 30° to ensure a long life of the print



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